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Varsity Field Hockey Falls to Parkway West

Coming off their narrow loss to Oakville in the home opener, the Varsity Field Hockey Team faced off against the Parkway West Longhorns at home. Despite strong play, the Lady Cats fell 3-0.

The first half started off slow, with both teams failing to create true chances. After a water break halfway through the period, the Longhorns began to put strong pressure on the Wildcat backline. Strong Defense from Lindsay Falkner, senior, thwarted a clear chance on goal, but Parkway kept up the pressure. Minutes later, a defensive miscue gave West an open chance a few yards from goal, and the ball rolled into the net. Despite going down, the Lady Cat’s immediately put pressure on the Longhorns following the goal. A few quick give and go’s by Seniors Sofie Harjoe and Lucy Kehr produced a few chances, but an equalizer was not found. Amidst good Wildcat pressure, West was allowed to counterattack late in the half. A late kick save by Maggi Eachus, senior, temporarily kept the game within a goal, but West increased their lead to 2-0 with under a minute to go.

The second half began with both teams playing out along the wings, rather than crowd the middle of the field. On numerous occasions, the ball was played out to the right, where Senior Izzy Haupfear played dangerous crosses in front of the Parkway West goalie. Unfortunately, no goals were scored. After the mandatory water break, West once again mounted on the pressure. Minutes later, a right angle shot by the Longhorn forward made the score 3-0. A few good chances for the Cats followed, but goals were hard to come by. The Longhorn’s lead stood, and the game ended 3-0.

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