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Atlin Hall: The Next Great RB?

Atlin Hall, Sophomore, has the talent, he has the skill, does he have the ability to fill the void in the coming years?

Atlin, 5′ 11″ & 160 lbs, has the characteristics that can lead him to being a wrecking force when a void is opened in the line. When Steve Webb and Cam Tucker were not deeking out opponents last year, Atlin was able to get 164 yards in 31 carries, with 2 touchdowns. When not with the varsity squad, Atlin worked on his moves versus JV football players, accounting for a majority of the running touchdowns scored by the JV team last year.

#2 looks to hold onto the #2 RB slot this year, with Webb in his senior season. Webb continues to be a force to be reckoned with, as nothing has stopped his stride into this season.

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The kid has the moves, he has the talent, will he be able to follow in the shoes of Webb? It is a forgone conclusion that in either case, many exciting runs and touchdowns will follow.