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Football loses a heart breaker to St. Dominic

The Wildcats kicked and clawed, but in the end were defeated by the St. Dominic Crusaders.

Both teams came storming out of the locker room, with fans thrilled at the prospect of watching two of the strongest teams in St. Louis battle it out. St. Dominic was coming off of a 27-26 upset win vs power-house John Burroughs.

The Wildcats scored first on a 27 yard field goal by Andrew Kempen. The teams would continue vying for control of the field, with neither team giving way to the other.

After much of a stalemate of the 1st quarter, the Crusaders broke the Wildcat lead, scoring a 27 field goal of their own to tie the game at 3-3

The teams would continue to grind for a touchdown, but their drives were ended at halftime.

Both teams rushed onto the field to start the half, eager to break the deadlock on the scoreboard. The Wildcats yielded two on a safety, a mistaken high snap that landed in their own end zone. The Crusaders followed that up by scoring a TD on a 40 yard pass and a QB sneak to put them up 3-12 over the Cats.

Despite many relentless pushes into the Crusaders redzone, the Wildcats could not capture a touchdown in the 3rd quarter.

After the touchdown, the Cats finally came to their senses, and stormed down the field, and Chad Briden connected with Dyllan Conway for a 13 yard touchdown with a successful 2 point conversion, to cut the defecit to 11-19 in favor of St. Dom.

Moments later, the defense would create a huge 3-and-out stop, giving the Wildcats a perfect opportunity to tie the game, with them needing another TD and a 2 point conversion. As the offense prepared to go for a touchdown, the team was hit with a late blow, as starting QB Chad Briden was injured and removed from the rest of the game due to a major upper body injury. After this loss, the Wildcats continued to try to win, but all passing attempts at the endzone were stopped.

In the end, the Wildcats fell to the Crusaders 11-19, and are 1-1 on the season.

Be certain to go out and see the Wildcats try to take over at Lutheran North!