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Hattie Means: Leading On and Off the Field

Hattie Means, sophomore leader of the Varsity Girls Tennis Team, came to know and love tennis in an interesting way. When she was younger, she was a fairly successful volleyball player and she loved the sport. Unfortunately, adversity struck as Hattie had a procedure on her neck which led to nerve damage in her right arm, permanently ending her volleyball career.

In the weeks of recovery after the surgery, Hattie began playing tennis with her left hand because that was the only sport she could do with her right arm in a sling. She began to fall in love with the sport of tennis and has been playing ever since.

This will be Hattie’s second year playing on the Westminster high school team. Making varsity as a freshman, she has been competing at a high level every match.

“She is always enthusiastic about tennis even if she plays the best players in the state.” said Kiley Mckee, Hattie’s doubles partner and best friend.

During Hattie’s freshman year, she started a Bible study along with her friend Amanda Espy, where they invited all of the freshman girls to come have food and a devotional before school every Wednesday mornings. By doing this, Hattie and Amanda made their grade grow closer and learn more about each other through sharing their love for Jesus.

Hattie is also a leader of Fellowship of Christian Athletes every Tuesday night.

“I think it goes hand in hand. I think the things we talk about at FCA carry over into my matches,” said Means, when asked about the effect of being a leader of FCA has on her motivation to play tennis.

As a sophomore, Hattie is already creating a leadership role for herself throughout all aspects of her life. She is setting herself up to be great.

Along with her aspect of leadership, Hattie is “so kind and puts everyone before herself,” said Amanda Espy. Hattie Means is selfless on and off the court. She enjoys helping and watching others succeed.

Hattie has already shown her ability to overcome obstacles, and she is definitely someone to watch. Hattie Means is already on the path to do great things, led by her love for people and love for Jesus.