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Volleyball Bests John Burroughs in Two Sets

The Girls Varsity Volleyball team won an exciting match against the John Burroughs Bombers tonight.

Despite the roaring coming from John Burroughs’ student section, the girls swept the Bombers in 2 sets, leaving everything they had out on the court.

Both sets were won 25-18, each ending with a huge block led by Junior Captain Avery Engelmeyer.

In the first set, the girls came out strong from the first point of the game, and continued to fight until the winning point. Samantha Huber had a recorded 15 digs for the Wildcats, which created perfect opportunities for the team to run their offense.

Junior Middle Hilary Hightower was a wall at the net. With 4 blocks in the first set, she let little of the Bombers hits pass her without a touch.

The game was back and forth for awhile, and everytime the Wildcats would pull ahead, the Bombers would come back and match that score. Although the Wildcats struggled slightly from the serving line, they made up for it with their extremely aggressive play. The Wildcats pulled ahead and won by 7, making the girls ready and excited to play the next set.

The Wildcats came out in the second set with a serving run by Jordan Haeusser to make the score 6-0. Although the Bombers fought hard, they could not seem to overcome the gap in the score that provided the Wildcats confidence and intensity moving forward.

Right side hitter Avery Engelmeyer led the team with a recorded 8 kills that the Bombers had no chance of getting to. This gave the Wildcats the energy they needed to continue to play good and controlled volleyball.

The Wildcats never gave up the lead in the second set, finding ways to side out immediately, and then proceeding to serve aggressively from the line. Again, the Wildcats won by 7, winning the match and proving that they can play aggressively while being consistent as well.

“Everything flowed together so well and everyone connected with each other, both on and off the court,” said Sophomore defensive specialist Emma Gustafson, “We came in laser focused and nothing was going to stop us from winning that game. It was such an awesome feeling to accomplish that goal.”

Come support the Wildcats in their next game on Wednesday at Parkway Central!