Sporting WCA

Captaining the Cats

Preston Willis

The 2016 Volleyball Wildcats are led by 3 captains who are very committed to the WCA Volleyball team. All 3 have been on the Varsity squad since their freshman year, and all 3 play the sport year round. With that kind of leadership, it is no wonder that the Cats are prepared to make a memorable playoff run.

Madeline Williams, son of a former NFL offensive lineman, has grown up in a family full of star athletes. Not only is Williams filling the shoes of her father but also of her older sister Meegan, who is now playing D1 Volleyball in college. However, Madeline has done a fantastic job of filling in the spot her sister left for her, as she leads the team in attacks and kills. Williams is more than a star player for her team, as she is also a team captain in her 3rd year on Varsity. Her teammates describe her as the person who gets them fired up to play the game and is very intense on the court. While she is a fairly quiet person in the classroom, she is a very intense competitor once she puts her uniform on. Madeline’s passion for the game is unrivaled. It is easy to see how much she loves to play when you watch not only how she plays but how often she plays. Volleyball 5 days a week during the school year is not enough for Williams, as she also plays club volleyball and hopes to continue playing the sport in college.

“Madeline is a great encourager and leads by example,” says fellow captain Elisabeth Sems, “She gets fired up when someone makes a great play and gets everyone excited. When we really need a big play, we can always count on Madeline to get a big kill or a block.”

The second Junior captain on the WCA Varsity Volleyball team is Avery Engelmeyer. Engelmeyer is another player on the team who is focused on Volleyball for longer than the Westminster season lasts, as she also plays on a club Volleyball team year round. Engelmeyer is a threat wherever she lines up on the court, as she is not only among the team leaders in attacks and kills but she is also second in assists. Avery’s rare ability to play any position on the court is extremely valuable to the WCA team. Avery’s leadership is also very valuable to the team. Engelmeyer’s leadership is mostly on the court. She is the person who talks to the refs to discuss a call, and she also is on the court the whole game. She takes up a lot of minutes on the court, and she can give her teammates a breather no matter what position they play.

“Avery leads the team well because she is always on the court. She plays a major role in getting points from the right side and assisting kills when she is setting from the back row. She encourages the team to play to our full potential and to never lose sight of our goals and who we play for” said Madeline Williams when speaking about how Avery leads the team on and off the court.

The lone senior captain on the team, Elisabeth Sems, not only leads her volleyball team on the court, but she also leads the Westminster FCA group every Tuesday night. Sems’s teammates describe her as someone who leads more through her actions than through her words. While she is looked at by her teammates as a source of silent confidence, this does not mean that she can not inspire people through her words as well. This is what Elisabeth does at FCA. Sems not only leaves an impact on her teammates in the way she leads, but she also impacts all the kids who crowd into a house every Tuesday night to hear how God’s word applies to athletes. Both Sems’s teammates and those who are around her in the FCA setting describe her in one word, humble.

On the court, Sems is among the team leaders in many

categories such as serve percentage, aces, and attacks. While Sems is a threat all over the court, she starts at outside hitter and helps defend the back row. Sems has served a similar role in all of her 4 years on Varsity. Through those four years, Elisabeth has stayed consistent as a steady defender and as a serious threat on offense.

“Liz has always been a team leader, having played with her for 3 years I can see the obvious leadership qualities in her. She sets an example for everyone on the team because of the responsible and hard working athlete she is” said Avery Engelmeyer, “She is an extremely valuable player and leader. I know the team, as well as myself, will miss her as a friend and as a teammate.”

With such great leadership to go along with the talent of this years Volleyball team, it is no wonder that the team has improved so much from last year.