Sporting WCA

Swing, Shoot, Save

Through many seasons of hard work and devotion to athletics, Senior Taylor French deserves recognition for her outstanding accomplishments. This three sport athlete knows how to work hard and be great, but she has also developed humility.

Her year of sports starts off in the fall, where she picks up a club and starts swinging away. Taylor has been playing golf ever since she was little. She started playing competitively in 7th grade, and ever since, she has loved every second of it.

“Golf is never boring for me. I love it and have so much fun playing it,” said French.

Taylor has the second lowest 18-hole score in the region with a 78 shot at Crown Pointe. In her best match on a 9-hole course, she shot a 38. French continues to impress, placing 14th at State and receiving an All-State Title her second consecutive year.

“I love being able to achieve things like the all state team. It’s a completely different experience than winning a match because these girls are the best of the best at state, and it’s really humbling to be able to play with them,” said French.

Being a successful three-sport athlete can be stressful, but French seems to have no problem with it.

Although she excels the most on a golf course, French recognizes the importance of having balance in her life. By playing 3 sports instead of solely focusing on one, she maintains that balance. By having variety, Taylor prevents herself from getting burnt out on one sport.

During the winter, Taylor moves indoors where she is a guard/post on the Westminster Girls Varsity Basketball team. She leads by example and has fun doing it. Taylor brings a light-hearted attitude to the team, while also working hard and pushing herself.

Taylor trades the gym again for the outdoors in the spring, where she excels as a starting Varsity goalie on the Westminster Girls Varsity soccer team.

Although French leaves golf behind for awhile during the school year, she seems to always come back to it.

“[Golf season] is probably my favorite season out of the three that I play, not only because I love the sport, but because I love the people,” said French.

Taylor loves her teammates as much as she loves actually playing.

“The golf team is so much fun and I love everyone on the team so much. They are all so fun and full of life which makes playing with them so great.”

French’s teammates feel the exact same way about her.

“I have had such a fun time these past three years playing with Taylor. She knows so much about golf and it’s great because I learn so much while playing with her,” said French’s golf partner, Junior Macie Daniels.

Taylor makes others feel good and makes everything that she is a part of fun. She works hard and realizes the importance of her role on each team she is on, and does her best to succeed, while also helping her teammates succeed as well.

Whether swinging a club, shooting a ball, or protecting the goal, French can always be relied on by her teammates and coaches to get the job done.