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Futbol Cats Win Season Opener in OT

The Futbol Cats started off the season on the right foot in the annual Metro League tourney against Lutheran South. The defending champs took the win by a score of 1-0 in overtime.

The Wildcats first game of the season was a huge test for the team. Facing off against the tough, and experienced Lutheran South team. Temperatures raised all throughout the morning and the heat made the conditions of the game hard to play in.

It was a hard fought battle that each teamed played all game long. Senior leader Curt Weinberg said, “It was a tough battle all game long, neither team gave way all during regulation time.” Shots were hard to come by all game long and the Cats took every opportunity they could, but never could capitalize. A big loss for the Wildcats came in the beginning of the game when Erik Bergman got twisted up with a South defender. Bergman hurt his knee which will result in him sitting out for the next week.

One of the major turning points in the game came with about 10 minutes left in the second half with the score at 0-0. Star junior goalkeeper, Joey Keane, came running out towards a through ball that South had played through the Wildcats defense. One of South’s forwards came running in after the ball, and the two connected with contact which resulted in the South player being carted off into an ambulance with a broken jaw. “I really hope for the best from the player I injured. It was a heck of an effort he made and prayers go out to him and his recovery” said Keane.

After the 30 minute delay, the teams resumed play with under 10 minutes remaining. Right away, South had a fantastic chance of taking the lead when the Cats made an error by hand balling the ball in the box, resulting in a penalty kick for the Lancers. The biggest moment in the game. The South player placed the ball on the penalty kick spot. Keane readied himself. He shot…and Keane came off the line to make a fantastic save to save the game for the Cats. The defense held up to send the game to overtime.

Within only 5 minutes into overtime the Cats finished of Lutheran South. Patrick Claus took a throw in and passed straight to Zack Cancilla. Cancilla passed it right back to Claus who shot a missile straight at the goal. The goalie popped out and deflected the ball right to forward Luke Linam, who tucked it right into the right corner of the goal to give the Futbol Cats their first win of the season. Linam said, “It was a hard fought game and I’ll give all the credit to Joey and his incredible performance today. He saved the game for us.”

Keane and the rest of the Futbol Cats move on to the second round of the Metro League Tournament today against MICDS at 4;15. Pop out and show some support for the boys in blue!