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Frankie Sacco: The Most Underrated Athlete at WCA

2015 Men’s Soccer districts. Under the lights at Parkway Central. Facing highly favored Priory under the lights. This was when sophomore Frankie Sacco burst onto the scene as one of the best athletes at Westminster. Priory was heavily favored going into the game as one of the top ranked teams in the area, especially when facing a team that had stumbled to a 6-14 record as WCA had so far that year. This was the game that the Priory fans tweeted out about how they were going to destroy Westminster because they wore stinky socks. Clearly, the Priory community had not heard about Frankie Sacco. Sacco scored two goals in the game and broke a couple defenders ankles, leading the Cats to a big upset win and demonstrating more than just a glimpse of what any WCA soccer fan already knew: Sacco was not your average high school soccer player.

Sacco could not play Westminster soccer his freshman year due to rigorous Scott Gallager club rules. In his sophomore year he stepped into the team without missing a beat and led the team in points (15 points on 6 goals and 3 assists). His Junior year can be described in one word, excellence. Sacco put 12 shots in the back of the net, not to mention 8 assists to more than double his already team leading point total from the year before. Sacco has continued to improve his senior year. With 4 games left to play he has already tallied 11 goals and 9 assists, and it is safe to say that he will lead the team in points for his 3rd out of 3 years of WCA soccer.

The stat sheet tells a impressive story of Sacco’s presence on the field, but it is impossible to fully appreciate what Frankie does without seeing him play in person. Go to a game and I guarantee you that at least once he will make a defender fall flat on his butt with his foot skills. Even surrounded by three defenders Sacco can break free with a spin, misdirection, or a flurry of touches that leave the defender wondering where the ball went. It may sound awfully clique, but Sacco makes the sport an art. He beats you with finesse while almost every other player tries to use brute force. He does not need to shove you or put his head down and run you over, he can blow by you without even touching you. It is just a matter of choosing how he is going to leave you in the dust.

Sacco is the most underrated player at WCA right now. Soccer is under appreciated at our school, especially the way that Frankie plays it. He does not pound himself on the chest when he scores a goal or constantly look up into the stands to see who is watching. He plays the game because he loves to play and maybe that is the reason he has flown under the radar. Make no mistake, Frankie Sacco deserves to be in the conversation for best athlete at Westminster. If not the best, certainly the most fun to watch.

You can catch Sacco and the rest of the WCA Soccer team October 23rd at Parkway North to kick off districts. Come out to cheer on the Cats and see one of the best talents Westminster has to offer.