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VolleyCats Dominate MICDS

The lady Wildcats came out ready to play against rival MICDS. The Wildcats needed a confidence booster and boy did they get it.

In the first set, the Cats and Rams were tied at 5 going back and forth every point. Once the Wildcats won their fifth point, it was Avery Engelmeyer’s turn to serve and Avery showed her presence.

Engelmeyer found her stroke, serving for the Cats winning 13 points in a row. The Rams struggled to get to many of Avery’s serves resulting in 4 aces. Many times the Rams couldn’t even return it back over the net!

The Wildcats won the first game 25-11. The team was communicating with one another perfectly, knowing who is going to hit the ball and setting each other up to smash the ball onto the Rams side of the court.

After the game Jordan Haeusser said, “It was a good game to play this week going into the Festus tournament because it got our confidence up and helped us to believe that we could win.”

Jordan is a senior setter who has been on the volleyball team since her Junior year. She plays a key role on the team, setting for the Williams sisters.

In the second game, The Cats and Rams battled back and forth for the first 10 points. The Cats and Rams took turns serving with the Cats averaging 2 points per server and the Rams never winning more than one point per server.

Seniors Avery Engelmeyer and Madeline Williams powered the Cats with 2 kills each in the second game. The Cats hoped that Engelmeyer could provide them with a multitude of points as she did in the first game, but she served and won only 3 points in a row.

The Cats collectively served for 6 aces between both games. They picked out the weak spots in the Rams’ defense and placed their serves perfectly.

The Cats won the second game 25-13, which resulted in the victory over MICDS. This volleyball game was very good for the Cats confidence as they head into the Festus tournament this weekend. Come support the Cats on Saturday at Festus!