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Varsity Soccer Senior Night Recap

The Varsity Soccer team came to play at Senior Night yesterday beating Lutheran South 5-0. Everyone brought their best and all the players contributed to a big Wildcat victory.

The players were not the only ones involved in the game. The Blue Crew came out to show support with their fat heads of all the seniors. They also stayed loud throughout the game and gave support and encouragement for the boys on the field.

The seniors certainly came out strong as Luke Linam scored the first goal of the game early. Not long after, sophomore Luke Laughlin scored his fifth and sixth goals of his varsity career. Just before half, Luke Linam had the ball just outside the Lancers’ 18 yard box and ripped a left footed shot into the upper right corner. This would be his 12th goal of the season.

Joey Keane played lights out in goal, acquiring his eighth win and seventh shut out of the season. He will look to play just like this for the rest of his season and finish his Wildcat soccer career strong.

However, perhaps the most memorable play from this game was the goal by senior Patrick Claus. It came a few minutes into the second half. He received the ball outside the 18 yard box, took a touch, and hit a missile upper 90. He claimed that this goal was the best goal of his soccer career.

This was a huge win for the Wildcats. Everyone did their part and played well as a team. Hopefully, the boys will continue to play strong soccer. In doing this, Westminster will finish the regular season strong and have high confidence for Districts.