Sporting WCA

Varsity Softball Season Recap

The Varsity Softball season ended on Wednesday after a 14-1 loss to Notre Dame. The loss was the final chapter of a very solid Westminster effort this year. 

“The season was an unbelievable success. I think when you look at the bye in Districts and the two wins there, that’s really three more games than anyone would’ve projected us winning this season,” said Coach Petke.

The Notre Dame offense came out hot on Wednesday, and the Westminster defense was shaky from the start. With runners on second and third in the top of the first, the Rebels slapped a single past the outstretched glove of Reese Earleywine, scoring two.

In the bottom of the inning, Lauren Gates doubled, but wasn’t able to advance any further. Notre Dame put up two more in the second, and the Wildcats once again couldn’t respond with any runs of their own.

Notre Dame came up to bat in the third up 4-0. They scored one, leaving the bases loaded with one out, when the leadoff hitter pulled a grand slam to deep right field. The score was now 9-0.

Over the next two innings, Notre Dame scored five more. They hit the ball hard to all directions throughout the game.

Westminster scored after Nicki Mabry singled and eventually scored, giving the Wildcats their only run of the game. The game was over after five innings at a score of 14-1.

“It was a rough game all around, but the girls did not turn on each other and they stayed together the whole way through, and they have that to be proud of. With the pressure of only sixteen games being left in state, I think the pressure may have gotten to us a little bit,” said Petke.

Although the season didn’t end beautifully, the team had a great season. A record of 13-12-1 is far better than anyone could’ve hoped for or expected entering the season.

Throughout the season, they won more and more games and improved greatly. They beat a team in the District Championship that they lost to in the regular season. As the season progressed, the new players became more and more involved and more a part of the team with each game.

SportingWCA has received heat from Coach Petke and the players for past comments about how the team would play in Districts, but the season was a roaring success. A District Championship for any team is something to be proud of, and a District Championship for a team like this is unheard of.

Despite a rough last game, the season was anything but a failure. 

“The fact that they actually came together and believed that they could win some softball games from what we started at from day one is unbelievable,” said Petke.