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Minner’s Big Game Leads Wildcats to the Victory

The Wildcats took on St. Charles West at home Saturday and left with a huge win over the Warriors by a score of 41-19. The Warriors went into the game 6-2, losing to only St. Dominic and Fort Zumwalt East. However, the Wildcats stopped the Warriors in all aspects of the game, leading to the big victory. LJ Minner had a performance to remember for the Wildcats, scoring four touchdowns in the matchup.

Westminster’s offensive line was stellar throughout, absolutely manhandling the St. Charles West defense. This gave the Wildcats good momentum throughout the entirety of the game. Due to the line being on top of it, it allowed Minner Mania to begin, showing off his speed and going absolutely beastmode in the tough matchup.

The defense for the Wildcats was better than usual, shutting down the Warriors run game for most of the game. The defensive line showed flashes of brilliance in the matchup, stopping the Warrior’s offense.

The Warriors grabbed the first points of the game in the first quarter, but failing to put up the extra point. The Cats responded quickly after with LJ Minner barreling his way into the endzone for the 27 yard touchdown. With Kempen, the Wildcats get a 7-6 lead late in the first quarter. Minner did not stop there, as in beginning of the second quarter, he takes it in for a long 33 yard touchdown.

At the end of the first half, quarterback Jackson Selk connected with senior Isaac Johnston, who was untouched as he walked into the endzone for the third touchdown of the game; the Wildcats led 21-6 through one half of play.

After a huge 81 yard touchdown by the Warriors offense, LJ Minner racked up his third touchdown of the game. The Wildcat offense stayed on the field after the score and tried to go for two, but they fail to execute the play. The third quarter ended with one more touchdown by St. Charles West, but the Wildcats remain in control; 27-19 at the end of the third quarter.

At the end of the game, the Wildcats brought it in two more times, one from five yards out by Minner, and the other from four yards out by Senior Zion Thompson. As Kempen connected on both extra points, the Wildcats walked off the field victorious in their last regular season game.

The offensive line allowed the Wildcats to rush for 301 yards on the day.

The big win brings the Wildcats to their next target, Parkway Central. The game will take place on Saturday the 27th at Westminster at 2:00 p.m. For updates on the game, follow SportingWCA on for all the latest information on the tough matchup.