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Spirit Week Day Four: All Grades Recaps and Previews

Every Spirit Week assembly features trivial games that are played with the highest intensity. With Boys Poms to be performed this afternoon, the only games played will be the Half-Court Shot and the Boys and Girls Tug O’War Finals between the Juniors and Seniors and the Freshmen and Seniors. In the interest of being inclusive, we will be including results for all grades from yesterday’s assembly.

Ultimate Chicken: Click here for a recap of the Ultimate Chicken championship game. The Sophomores took on the Freshmen in third place game, and ran away with the easy victory.

Boys Tug O’War: There were two Boys Tug O’War matchups on Wednesday. The eighth graders lost to the Freshmen and the Sophomores defeated the seventh graders. The Final of the Boys Tug O’War will take place on Thursday. The Juniors will face the Seniors. With Ben Chereji, do the Juniors have a chance, or will the Seniors run away with the Championship?

Girls Tug O’War: There were two Girls Tug O’War matchups on Wednesday. The Juniors took down the eighth graders and the Sophomores defeated the seventh graders. The Final will take place on Thursday between the Seniors and the Freshmen.

Half-Court Shot: No half-courters fell from any classes on Wednesday. A male and female representative from each class was called down to the court to shoot. Ben Parres, pictured above, came close, but his shot hit off the rim. Two more students from each class will shoot the Half-Court Shot on Thursday. For the Seniors, Kristen Keys and Jerram Adams will shoot. For the Juniors, the shooters will be Macey Lottmann and Brennan Orf.

Expectations for today: With Boys Poms as the main event of the day, there are just a few loose ends to tie up on games for Spirit Week 2019. In the Tug O’War Finals, look for the Seniors to take the sweep. Will we see a Half-Court Shot fall today? All four shooters from the Juniors and Seniors are Varsity Basketball players, so the odds seem solid.

As we move into the home stretch of Spirit Week, I think it’s important to realize that it’s been a great week. The competition, especially between the Juniors and Seniors, has been as great ever. Although no scores have been released, it seems that the race is neck and neck for first place. The Juniors lost only one game in the first two days, but the Seniors may get the sweep in Ultimate Chicken and Tug O’War. If the Juniors and Seniors split the Big Four (Boys Poms, Lip Sync, Art Board, and Film Project) evenly, who would be ahead? Today, the results will come in from the Film Projects. Although the week is winding down, there are still lots of points to be handed out. The race is anybody’s.