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Chad Briden: Key to the Championship?

Can Chad Briden and the football team have a repeat performance of last year?
With the team chasing its fourth consecutive state championship, Chad Briden is not concerned with the lofty shoes he and the team have to fill.

“The team went farther than it’s ever been last year, but lost some key seniors, including several key offensive lineman.”

When asked if he was worried, Junior Chad Briden grinned and said,”I played with most of the current offensive line my freshman and sophomore year. We have a pretty strong bond and have been doing this together for two years now. I’m ready.” Briden has lofty aspirations for the season, but had somewhat humble beginnings to the sport.

Chad has been ascending to his current varsity role since sixth grade. He sustained a severe shoulder injury that rendered him unable to throw baseball, a sport he had become relatively successful dating back to his early childhood years. He was forced to shut down his throwing altogether for seven months, and turned to football after he had to stop. Now, the shoulder injury serves as a reminder to throw right. “If I throw like a baseball again, it gives me a good reminder to use the right mechanics.”

Chad quickly rose to the level he is now, from starting quarterback in seventh grade all the way up to varsity quarterback this season. Chad humbly acknowledged how this season is not about him. “If we all work together as a team, I think we can go all the way. If we can just be team players and focus on that, then we can do this. We want to get to the state championship.”

The football team has a lot of experience now, and it’s beginning to rub off on the entire program. Chad believes there is a real culture of winning being set now, something the wildcats believe can be set in early. “When you look around, I think every single freshman in the locker room is seeing that they are a part of something bigger, and they are seeing the way we act in the locker room, they know they can help keep the tradition, and that we want to win.”

Chad also stressed how the coaches want their players to develop not only into terrific athletes, but also into “leaders and men of God.” This will be stressed throughout the season, as Westminster looks to defend their district title and ascend to their first ever state championship.