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Luke Linam’s Legacy

Playing sports in high school is a huge commitment. Practices go every day after school for two hours, and games often keep athletes away from home and their schoolwork until 8 or 9 o’clock in the evening. Very few athletes can manage to be three-sport athletes. Only a select group will be able to play a sport in every season of high school. This year, there were five such athletes, known as “Iron Wildcats.” Luke Linam was one. However, not only was Linam a four-year three-sport athlete, but he was a three-sport Varsity starter and a main contributor in all three sports during his Senior year. Now, as his final Westminster season winds down and heads to the playoffs, the legacy he will leave at Westminster is worth looking back at and remembering.

Luke Linam has played soccer, basketball, and baseball since his Freshman year. However, two of those three stand out in his mind.

“Baseball has always been close to my heart along with basketball so those two were no brainers to play in high school. I wasn’t sure I would even want to play soccer when I was a Freshman so that way I could focus more on basketball and baseball, but I decided it would help me meet new people as a new Freshman and looking back it was definitely a good decision to play,” he said.

As for his favorite, it goes back and forth.

“It’s always bounced back and forth between basketball and baseball. I guess my favorite is whatever sport I’m playing in either the winter or spring.”

A unique part of Linam’s story is that he won’t be continuing to play any of the three sports he was so good at high school when he goes to college. Even though he was a star athlete in all three high school sports, he was unable to find any good enough opportunities for college sports.

“I tried to play baseball but the opportunity just wasn’t there for me. I hope to be heavily involved in club or intramural sports,” he said.

Not only has Linam been a star athlete in his performance, but he’s also been a leader and a role model on each of his teams.

“I’ve played with Luke for six seasons now and even early on you could tell there was something different. He would always get people up and ready to play. Even when he wasn’t playing the best he would keep encouraging others and he did not need to be the star, especially in basketball. There were games where he was happy with getting five assists. That’s how a leader should be,” said Brennan Orf, Junior basketball and baseball player.

Linam has also had a profound impact on some of the younger kids he’s played alongside.

“Linam was a huge part to our team. He led by example, and he didn’t take reps off in practice. He showed us young guys what it takes to be a winner. He was also a great role model off the court, reflecting God in everything he does,” said Casen Lawrence, Freshman point guard.

Linam commented on a few things that have helped to make him the athlete and person he is today.

“Westminster coaches are all hard on you to the point of pushing you to your limits to make you better, but they are also always there for you and they are hard on you because they love you and care about you and want you to succeed. All of the coaches I’ve had have wanted to build a relationship with me and not just coach me which is very important.”

He also commented on taking on the challenge of playing three sports.

“If you’re going to play multiple sports, don’t put one foot in the water but be invested in your teammates and the people and coaches that are taking time to make you better.”

Linam will certainly be remembered in the Westminster record books. Nobody has scored more than his 23 goals in the last ten years at Westminster. He scored 433 points in two seasons on the Basketball teams, and maintained a free throw percentage of better than 85 percent over that time. In his Senior season for Baseball, he has an OBP of .398 along with 27 RBIs and eight doubles.

But he will also be remembered by his teammates and those who surrounded him at Westminster for his attitude and his lead-by-example style. He won’t be remembered for being a flashy star athlete, but more as a steady leader who made those around him better and paired his impressive natural athleticism with his second-to-none drive, hustle, and effort. Luke Linam resembles what all Westminster athletes should strive to be.

Luke will attend the University of Arkansas in the fall.