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Chad Briden: Recovery Process

In week two of St. Louis high school football, Chad Briden shattered his collarbone in two places, injuring him for a lengthy amount of time.

Chad’s expectations for the season were high, and still are, but he wishes he could be a part of growth within the team this year.

When asking Chad what he was doing to recover quicker, he said “I am trying to be pretty aggressive in my therapy and I’m eating a lot of good nutritional food. I’m [also] sleeping as much as possible, and [I try to] keep my shoulder moving as much as I can.”

This shows how driven Chad Briden is. Not only is he a great football player and a great leader on the field, he is engaged and doing everything he can to get back with the team. He is in pain almost all times throughout the day, but that does not stop him from coming to school and working hard. He does not want to get behind in class, and he wants to keep his grades up.

He is also very excited to get back on the field, Chad said he will tentatively be back “for the last regular season game against Borgia, that is my goal.” Most have written Chad off as out for the season, but he does not agree.

Chad also has a life at home, and he explains that he watches “a lot of football, do a lot of small arm exercises, and play Xbox against my brother. He always asks me to play NHL and I kill him every time.”

Chad also believes that his team can pull through and win some key games throughout the season, saying, “We have great senior leadership and Josh Pottebaum will come through. Dyllan, Steve, Sells, Cooper, and Jimmy can get it done.”

After talking with Chad, it is clear that he is excited to get back on the field, but he has full confidence in his team to pull through without him. He is very grateful for all the support he has been given from his family, friends and teammates, and hopes that when he recovers fully, he can pay you all back with an exciting playoff run!