Sporting WCA

7th Grade Studs

As we wrap up fall sports and football this year at Westminster, the Varsity squad did not  live up to expectations this season mostly due to key injuries. As the seniors graduate and move on to college, there is much to look forward to in the Middle School football program, especially on the 7th grade squad.

The 7th grade team this year finished 4-1. Throughout the season, the coaching staff, headed by Eric Decker and Aaron Layton, uncovered some hidden gems and future stars for Wildcat football. With rising assets Luke Johnston, LJ Minner, Jordan Coleman, and Matthew Heintz, the team is the future of Wildcat football.

Standouts amongst this group are running back LJ Minner, wide receiver Jordan Coleman, and quarterback Luke Johnston. The three had breakout seasons as they set the tone for the Wildcat offense. LJ is a multiple sport athlete playing basketball, lacrosse, and track along with football. “I love to run,” he said when asked about his strengths as an athlete. With Minner rushing for over 100 yards against powerhouse CBC in the last game of the season, he is more than ready to continue his success on the varsity squad in the coming years. Coleman has been the favorite target on the outside, fooling his opponents game after game with sixteen touchdowns. Despite his success, he has been humble: “during the off-season I need to work on my hands and not run lazy routes.” Especially with his size, he is set to be successful the next five years.

However, neither of the two could carry the ball without the help of dual threat quarterback Luke Johnston. He has been a leader through his words and his actions as well. “I like to scramble when the pressure comes,” Johnston states, “it gives me the ability to make plays when I need to with my arm or feet.” Luke’s older brother Isaac Johnston started on the varsity squad this year.

“After getting to know the players this year and seeing each of their talents, I’m excited about the future of Westminster’s football program,” said Coach Decker when asked about the seventh grade team.  Although the players that were mentioned that have stuck out talent wise, the entire 7th grade squad has contributed to their success. The team has come together on and off the field create a very tight bond. Not only are the guys expecting to make it at the next level, but the entire WCA community will see that they are worth the wait once they get to high school.