Sporting WCA

Seniors Take Powderpuff Win

The cold weather didn’t stop the the long awaited powderpuff game from taking place on October 28th. At 1:30, the whistle blew and Maggie Kurop snapped the ball to start the game. The juniors got the first touchdown of the game, giving them hope for a win. The seniors fought back and soon after got their first touchdown. This back and forth scoring went until halftime, and the juniors were in the lead 22-16.

Coming back from halftime, the seniors were prepared to bring out their inner Wildcat. They were losing and needed to get their act together to pull through with a win. The clock continued to run. With under 2 minutes left, the Juniors were winning 36-32. Junior quarterback, Katelynn Graham, threw a pass that was intercepted by Emily Stoner. Stoner ran the ball to the 25 yard line, where Hannah Sturr was able to grab her flag.

The senior class was ecstatic about their classmates run. Now, they had a chance to score a touchdown and win the game. The junior class switched from offense, to defense in preparation to stop the seniors from scoring. The seniors had their first down, with 15 yards to go. They attempted to move the ball across the line, but it was stopped by the strong junior defense. It was now second down, and senior quarterback, Caroline Hinrichs, made the handoff to Sarah Shoemaker who ran to the outside to complete the touchdown. The senior class ran onto the field to celebrate the touchdown. They were now in the lead 38-36, and shortly completed the two point conversion, leading 40-36.

The time ticked away with 15 seconds left, and the juniors rapidly tried to score another touchdown to take the lead. Quarterback Alayna Barthelmass could not find anyone to complete her pass, and the juniors try was unsuccessful. The buzzer sounded and seniors stormed onto the field, rejoicing after their 2nd consecutive powderpuff win.