Sporting WCA

A Season For JD

The varsity tennis team suffered a huge loss this year losing Eddie Griesedieck, who moved to go play at a tennis academy. However, this was not as big of a loss as losing the life of John David Wiese.

“Our entire season is going to be for JD. He was the nicest kid and a great friend. It is a tremendous loss”, said Sam Hunsicker, senior captain.

The team jersey’s will have JDW on them, in honor of John David Wiese. JD would have been a tremendous help to the team, both on and off the court. I first met him a couple years ago at my tennis clinic, and ever since then, I have continued to hit with him. We even had the same coach. We became good friends and he would often ask me about Westminster. He was homeschooled and was curious to what my school was like. When I heard he was coming to WCA, I was ecstatic. Not only would he be a blessing for the tennis team, but I knew he would be a blessing to this school. I could tell JD was eager to start the season. I had been watching him and saw his development over the past couple years. We had begun to talk about playing doubles together and we dreamed about going to state together as well. I wish I he could be here to play his first high school tennis season. I know how much he would have enjoyed it and excelled at it. The last day before his passing at our clinic on Monday, he asked what I thought the score would be between us. I told him I thought it would be really close. We had scheduled to hit the following weekend, but now, we will just have to wait until we can play together again.