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Varsity Hockey Prepared for Quarterfinal Elimination Game

The Varsity Hockey Team lost to CBC 5-1 in the first game of their best-of-three quarterfinal series. A loss is a loss, but there was a certain sense of optimism following the defeat. To start, the game was cl0se. Granted, the scoreline did not attest to this, but the game was still a hard fought tilt. Losing by 4 to the #1 ranked and defending state champions CBC is nothing to shake a stick at, and the Cats are ready for Game 2. For this game, the Cadets will be missing 8 starters, meaning the Wildcats have a chance to create a good contest. Their gameplan will be the same as Game 1: create offense through stingy, tough defense. The Wildcat D corp held the Cadets to only 2 goals until late in the game until exhaustion set in. For the second game, they will again be ready to keep CBC’s scoring to a minimum.

Above all, Game 2 is an elimination game for the Wildcats. Knowing this, every member of the team will be desperate to keep the season alive. It is bound to be a great game. The game is thursday, February 11th at Queeny Park. Admission is $5, and the game begins at 8:15.