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One Of A Kind: Mrs. Kempen

Everyone needs a safe house. Whether it is a person or place, teenagers need to have a comfortable fall back in their lives where they feel important and loved. Overwhelmed with the weight of school, pressure of turning in college applications, and balancing cheerleading, senior Sarah Broyles is stressed. Naturally, she turned to Mrs. Kempen for advice. “I just need a break!” Sarah vented as her shoulders slumped. But before she could say anything else, Mrs. Kempens gentle hands rested on her shoulders. “You just need to take a deep breath, girl!” Mrs. Kempen sympathetically whispered, “I love you, and I will always be here to talk.”

Here at Westminster, that safe person is the same for wide variety of both male and female students. Academic Hub specialist Marjan Kempen is arguably the most respected staff member by the student body. There is rarely a time where she doesn’t have a student behind her desk asking for advice, or venting about personal life problems. Because being with students is God’s calling in her life, being with highschoolers all day brings her joy.

Mrs. Kempen is so widely respected is because of how well she listens. She is willing to drop whatever she is doing in order to attentively listen to a student. Her words are deeply admired, her listening skills are why she is a go to person in times of struggle. Whether they’re just shooting the breeze, or asking for advice on a controversial life issue, Mrs. Kempen always lends an ear and shows the utmost respect. She treats every student like family. This makes it easier to listen because if a student feels hurt, Mrs. Kempen feels it as well because she looks at them as her own.

She makes an effort outside of school as well. Her job is unique because she gets to see everyone in the hub but also gets to see students on the athletic fields as one of the assistant athletic directors.