Sporting WCA

Cannonball Coming

The 2017 track season is about to begin, and there are a lot of bright spots to look for this year. The team lost key seniors from last season, but the new leaders are ready to take the reins and lead the Cats to victory in 2017. Senior Jimmy Thomas is a new addition to the team, and “will help the team with throws (shotput and discus)” Head Coach Doug Meyer says, and Isaac Pleus, senior, is a returning distance runner for the Wildcats. Alivia Johnston, a returning state qualifier in the high jump event and the 4×400 relay, and is also a good 300 meter hurdler. Another is senior Sammie Davidson, who is a pole vaulter for the Cats who hopes to qualify for state in this coming season.
Athletes that are looking to make big impacts this year include: Alivia Johnston, Sammie Davidson, Micah Gooch, Evan Parres, Luke Vasel and Caleb Layton. Micah Gooch set the school record for women’s shot put record in her first season throwing, and she is looking to break it again this year, as she is only getting better. Luke Vasel is also a thrower, he had a great season last year and is looking to improve in big margins this season. Caleb Layton is one of the team’s best sprinters, and the team is confident he can have one of the best seasons a sprinter has had in awhile. On the other hand, Evan Parres is a long distance runner, previously a state qualifier, who is looking to place at state this coming year. His best event is the 3200m run, which is eight laps around the track, or two miles to make it simple.
There are some new additions to the squad that look to make a big impact and have some serious potential to help out the team. Michael Thoenen, first year track athlete, is coming in to be a sprinter. From personal experience, Thoenen is a big kid (6’6”), but he can run like not many other people can. Also, Elisabeth Sems is using her insane athletic ability and is joining the team her senior year to be a thrower alongside Micah Gooch.
There are also some big time Freshmen that are looking to help out the Cats this coming season. Male sprinters that look promising include John Ferguson and Nick Gustavison, and long distance runners include Will Leonard and Matthias Jowdy. Standout female Freshmen include sprinters Brie Adams, Daphne Washington, Grace Gevers, and Hayley Fizer. Long distance women runners include Caroline Davis, Amanda Espy, Ava Hollmann and Isabella Francois.
The coaches of the track team make the whole machine run. Without them, the athletes would not be as good as they are today. They include Larry Minner (throws), Matt DeJong (sprints/jumps), Stephon Greenlee (sprints/hurdles), Steve Hackman (pole vault), John Spencer (boys distance), Jennifer Meyer (girls distance), and head coach Doug Meyer. Without these seven leaders, the team would not be as prepared for the upcoming season. The team has some of the best coaches any track team could ask for, and the athletes look to make them proud this year with their performances.
In the end, the team needs to look at this season as a year for seniors (and a few juniors) to qualify for their events, and everyone else needs to look to the future. The WCA Track program lost a lot of seniors last year, and filling their shoes will be challenging, but not impossible. Looking forward is something the program needs to focus on. There is unmatched potential in the next few years for the track program here at Westminster, and all the coaches are very excited to see the growth to come.