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Cross Country Nets 1st in First Meet

Despite the heat index of 102 degrees at the Sullivan Invitational Meet, the girl’s cross country team won first place with both their JV and Varsity teams. The varsity girls team achieved the lowest score in Westminster History, with all 5 members of their team finishing in the top 15. The JV team also had an outstanding performance with many members of their team finishing in the top 20.

But the girls did not accomplish this great feat on their own. Instead, they found strength in their creator, in their teammates, and in their coaches.

   “We did a really good job of encouraging each other which is important because cross country is a hard sport. Also, we have great coaches who are there for us no matter what. But in the end we run to give God the glory.” expresses Mary Stuart Murray, junior.

The girls’ cross country team is full of new talent this year, which is one of the reasons they are succeeding so early in the season.

“This year is different because we have more people and a more diverse group of runners who all bring different aspects to the team both in the mental and physical sense.” observes Kathryn Kramer, junior.

But with all of the new runners comes inexperience, and nerves associated with the first race. Fortunately, the older runners on the team step up and encourage their amateur teammates.

Junior, Hallie Hull, who has run on the team since freshman year, encourages her teammates by relating to them. “I feel like I am sympathetic with their pain and let them know that they are not in this alone.” she states.

The team especially needs encouragement at this meet because it was extremely hot and humid, which are less than perfect conditions to run in.

“It was so hot that it made me dizzy and I felt like I was going to throw up, but the team helped me persevere and everyone encouraged each other, so we really did well.” says freshman Ava Hollmann, who placed second in the varsity race.

Also, the girls varsity team didn’t have any time to warm due to a schedule mix-up. This mistake left the girls scrambling to get to the start in time, but everyone persisted through the conditions and ran a great race.

“I feel very grateful that we were able to be so successful as a team despite the challenging circumstances we faced,” states Rachel Strothkamp, a junior runner on the team.

Overall, the Girls Cross Country Team overcame the challenges of the heat to achieve a spectacular win which helped transform them from a team to a family.