Sporting WCA

Three Sports? No problem

Junior Deanne Pfyl never stops moving. Between hitting, dribbling, and cradling, this three-sport athlete has a very busy everyday life, but would not have it any other way.

Although Deanne’s life is hard to keep up with, she has learned to go with it. Through many long nights of staying up after practice doing homework and studying for test, she realizes the importance of staying focused.

“It’s a lot of time management. There is not a lot of time that can be wasted,” said Pfyl.

Deanne has been playing softball since her tee ball years in Kindergarten. Through many years of high school and club softball with many different teams, she has slowly become the player she has wanted to be since she was a kid.

Deanne has been on Varsity softball since freshman year, and continues to help her team succeed every game. While she excels on the Westminster team, Deanne also dominates with her club team.

“My club team environment is different then my Westminster team’s; everyone on Westminster is a Christian, while the people on my club aren’t all necessarily Christ followers,” said Pfyl.

This makes a difference in the overall goals of the team. Deanne plays to give glory to God, while some girls on her club team do not share the same motivation. The Westminster team provides Deanne with the support she needs to succeed.

“It’s such a nice refreshment to play with girls who share the same faith, because we all are working for the same thing, which unifies the team in a way that anything of this world couldn’t,” said Pfyl.

During the winter, Deanne trades running around bases for running up and down the court. She has been a guard on the Westminster JV basketball team since freshman year. Deanne continues work hard even during the long winter season of basketball.

In the spring, Deanne puts on her cleats and picks up a stick. Coming into tryouts in ninth grade, Deanne had never played lacrosse on an organized team. Making JV lacrosse her freshman year, and becoming a captain her sophomore year are some notable events in her short career. Just as in all of her sports, Deanne excels in lacrosse as a valuable midfielder.

Deanne brings different character to the all of the teams she is a part of. Her light heartedness and comical attitude creates a safe environment for all of her teammates.

While Deanne Pfyl still has a long year ahead of her with school and sports, she has gotten truly gotten off to a great start.