Sporting WCA

Teachers Can Play Too!

     Dan Legters was a star forward at Covenant College. He scored a hat trick in his first career start. He won the Offensive MVP award out of all the different schools in his conference. “There was not one player on the team that wasn’t talented,” Legters said. This pushed him to work harder because he knew that if he was not working his hardest, someone else was. Hard work pays off, and the hours put in when nobody is watching is what really counts. Dan Legters is a walking image of that.

     Greg Schoenberg played football at Washburn University, a Division 2 school in Topeka, Kansas. Coach Schoenberg explained how he was never pushed to work harder in his life, mainly because of his roommates. He roomed with three like-minded people, and they all strived to get better, which led to a continuous work ethic from all three of them. He won All-Conference, All-Region, and All-American team for his play. He also won the freshman of the year award. Greg had a wonderful career at Washburn, and his legacy of hard work will live on for forever there.

     Annie Sullivan was a basketball player at Truman State. During her four years there, she totalled over 1000 points in her career. “Everyone on both teams was hand picked because of their skill,” Sullivan said. This was a testament to how hard everyone worked, and how hard they continued to work while in college. Her favorite memory was having the whole campus to herself for Christmas break. “The only thing to do was hangout with the team and play basketball,” Sullivan explained. She had a successful career, and she created great memories with her teammates and friends.