Sporting WCA

Diving Into New Waters

Bridgette Grimm

Eighth grade diver, Margo O’Meara, reflects on discovering the sport of diving and dedicating her time to become the talented diver she is today.
At the young age of six, Margo O’Meara spent the majority of her summer watching the dive practice at her country club instead of participating because the coach thought she was too young. The coach eventually noticed her unrelenting interest in the sport, and agreed to work with O’Meara for the rest of the summer. “The coach decided to put me in the remainder of the meets that season. I did well and loved it. I was hooked!” said O’Meara, eighth grade.

O’Meara has not looked back since that moment, and diving — along with accolades and recognition from her peers — have become an integral part of her life.  She has won many local and regional championships, and placed in the top 15 at Nationals. Last year, she was invited by the 2008 Olympic coach to dive in an exhibition meet at Miami of Ohio with college divers and members of the Chinese National Diving Team.

O’Meara’s practice schedule is rigorous and reflects the dedication to the sport that is required to be successful.

“I practice at Clayton Shaw Park in the summer almost every day for two to four hours. In the Spring, Winter, and Fall I practice at Pattonville High school for two hours, two to four days a week depending on my other sport schedules,” said O’Meara.

As for the future, O’Meara has high hopes to be at the top of the podium at the State Championships next year as a Freshman. Also, she hopes to have the opportunity to compete in the highly-competitive Pan American Games or the World Championships.

Diving is different from team sports, but O’Meara respects its responsibilities.
It is only God and I on the board. I have to concentrate and make sure every part of the dive is executed perfectly,” said O’Meara