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Depth and a strong midfield looks to propel the W-LAX Wildcats

After 2014, no one ever thought the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team would ever be as good as they were that year. In advancing to the elite eight, those girls did something that had never been done in Westminster history. But now, history is looking to be made again.

“We have the potential to make this year the most successful in Westminster lacrosse history and I hope we can join together to pull off big wins in the postseason,” said Christina Mason, senior.

This 2017 Girls Lacrosse team has the potential to be one of the best teams in the program’s history. With Whitney Radloff, junior, being one of the team’s draw specialists, the Wildcats’ have an automatic advantage from the first start of every possession. Radloff plays select lacrosse for Brave along with another midfielder Samantha Huber, also a junior. Huber is new to the Wildcats’ roster, and along with her incredible speed, she also brings a selfless type of play that every team desires.

The team this year is very midfielder heavy, meaning there is a lot of extra speed and girls who can dominate on both sides of the field. Coming up strong for the team on attack (and some also on defense) are Christina Mason, Mary Kate Kopsky, Alyssa Shikles, and Brooke Lemp, who are all seniors. Mason and Kopsky are 2 of the Wildcats’ captains this year, and are looking to accomplish big things with the team. Deanne Pfyl, junior, playing her first year on varsity, is looking athletic as ever and is excited to be playing as a midfielder, fulfilling the needs of her team in any way she can. Returning juniors for the Wildcats’ attack are Macie Daniels, Jenna Galakatos, Maddie Volding, Haley Schmer, and Haley Counts, whose stick skills and shooting ability will be essential to the Wildcats offense this year.

Dani Mabry, being the only sophomore field-player to make varsity this year, is definitely a stand out attack player. Being left-handed, Mabry will be a valuable asset to the team and is definitely one to watch.

On the defensive side of the field Maddy Challenger, Alayna Marusiodis, and Caroline Brands, seniors, are ready to make their last season their best. Although defenders do not always get much glory, they all enjoy defending and helping their teammates get in positions to score. Junior defenders Taylor Siebenman, Brittany Johnson, and Jordan Haeusser are ready to contribute whatever they can to help the defensive end. Johnson and Siebenman are new to the Wildcats roster and add a lot of energy and skill to the team.

Strong in goal for the Wildcats’ are two underclassmen, Katelyn Graham, sophomore, and Reese Earleywine, freshman. Although these two girls don’t have a lot of experience, they have the fire and the fearlessness that it takes to stand in the goal and let people shoot lacrosse balls at you.

“Both of them are very far along in their development despite their inexperience. They’ve chosen to work hard everyday and it’s paying off,” said Coach Knerr, who works especially with the goalies during practices.

While being a goalie seems quite scary for most people, these two girls seem to have no trouble with it.

“It’s definitely one of the more difficult things I’ve done athletics-wise. It combines a lot of different skills that I hadn’t really thought of before. A good goalie takes skill but it takes a strong defense to make a great goalie,” said Graham.

The Wildcats’ team has all the pieces needed to have an incredible season. With the girls already meshing and playing as one team, it is shaping up to be a super promising season from the Varsity girls lacrosse team.

Come and support these girls throughout the season!